International Municipal Signal Association


Anyone wanting to host a class for any certification course may do so by emailing Jeff Knight at or call Jeff at (617)658-7701.
The New England Section will provide a moderator to conduct the class. All costs and instructions will be given upon contact.

Why IMSA Certification Is Important 

IMSA  certification is recognized and endorsed internationally in many standards, codes and laws. Being certified by IMSA verifies an individual's knowledge within a profession without bias of any kind. Certification may assist protecting an agency and technicians from liability. Through examinations the certified individual has proven that they have reached a higher level of knowledge in their profession. 

US Veterans Qualify for IMSA Certification Examination Fee Reimbursement

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Many municipal workers in the Northeast started off maintaining the 100 mil Fire Alarm system.  As times changed municipalities figured if we could work on Fire Alarm we could repair traffic signals.  Today’s traffic signals require towns to hire professional staffing with license or certified personnel. Years ago it was policy “To pass the knowledge from one employee to the next”.  While this worked in some ways, sometimes those employees who where passing the knowledge did the job for 20 plus years either never received or had very little updated training.  National standards, state and local laws are constantly being revise. Liability is at an all time high.  There is a reason for every item that is used on the roadways.  Placement of Traffic signals, signs and paint markings are not just installed because they look good or someone thinks no one else has done this so let’s try it.

Here in the New England Section the traffic side is getting larger everyday.  The NEIMSA provides certification, training and current updates on National Standards to our membership. This is done at our annual school and our section meetings.  While the school does National Standards (MUTCD, NEC, NESC) our section meetings hear from the membership on state and local changes. 

The Traffic Committee of this Section includes not only Traffic, (Signals and Inspections) but also has Flagging, Work Zone Safety, Roadway Lighting, Signs and Markings. We are currently looking for more members to give us a hand at our school as Administrators. We have the ability to offer up to 10 classes but we need your help.  If you are interested or have any questions please contact either Jeff Knight or myself. 

Dan Michalak - Chairman, NEIMSA Traffic Committee